LaTonya A.
The food was great and the service was excellent. Nice addition to the food choice in Carson. Love it!!
Kris M.
Friendly service, called in the order of lomo Saltado and it was ready. Came with a good amount of beef and perfectly seasoned. Parking is difficult though.
Stefan C.
I am so happy this place is in Carson. I was waiting for a couple years for it to open. I love El Pollo Inka. Their chicken is awesome. But the things I enjoy most are their soup, their Saltados, their Chaufas, and their Plantains. I go extra juicy with the Saltados. Not all El Pollo Inkas are created equal. I've noticed some have more flavor than others. This one is one of the good ones. Parking can be tricky because the lot is small but the demand is high. Service was nice and quick. There is an inside dining area with a big television. Great lighting and lively staff. I'll definitely be a regular here.
Brian R.
Been waiting for this location to open up for a while, glad it did, because it's closer to home / work commute. Ordered a Lomo to go the other day, service was great & environment was clean and welcoming. If I could just give some constructive feedback back on the Lomo, it was a little too salty/ seasoned. Still devoured it, nonetheless, I will be back again.
Betty F.
Finally got a chance to come for lunch. I'm so glad I did. Parking was tight and my driving skills was put to the test but I was able to squeeze in on an open spot. Lilly and her son are so lovely and attentive. My food was ready and hot and man my car smelled so good on the way to the office. We had Tallarin de Pollo (Chicken noodles), Tallarin Saltado (Beef noodles), and anthicuchos (beef heart). How can I forget the aguadito and aji verde. Yum!!! It was so very fresh, hot and delicioso. Generous portions, neither of us were able to finish our plates. I was hoping for CauCau, hopefully soon. We definitely be back again. Welcome to the neighborhood.
Carlos R.
Parking in a small plaza so it can be hard next to a nail place. Food of course delicious with their lomo saltado and other Peruvian delicacies. Small bit this should thrive since there's not many South American cuisines around here. Service is on top of the food and quick as well. It's good to have something different around these parks...
Raymond A.
had the COL col de pollo, sauteed with green cabbage , red onions, and served with garlic steamed rice, absolutely wonder, like home made. I will be back. The restaurant is comfortable, clean and the service is fantastic, and they even substitute items, the chicken soup is wonderful.